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Music from the soul, if you've got one.

The Beat Dogs!

 The Beat Dogs

Soul Searching CD


CRISTOFER MORLEY: soul searching

Soul Searching samples:

  1. Thin Dime
  2. IT
  3. Falling Again
  4. How To Be A King
  5. Nasforatu
  6. Ruberoid
  7. Into The Gray
  8. Wake Up
  9. Without Walls


Excerpt from The Buried Cry webzine: "When I heard your songs Thin Dime and Without Walls for the first time on the Internet, I fell in love with the guitar melodies and the choruses. I found that the staff of the website in question ( very aptly compared your music to Human Drama and The Chameleons."
(complete interview:)

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X-Factor Samples:

  1. Not Enough
  2. Never Listen
  3. Just a Casualty
  4. Doctors Of Curtisy
  5. Need a Wall
  6. End Their Lives
  7. Nucular Itch
  8. Wall Of China
  9. The Impression
  10. Mr Conservative
  11. The InBetween
  12. Falling Victim
  13. Nervous
  14. Got To Be Now
  15. Direct To You
  16. Without You
  17. Keep a Distance
  18. Gun To My Head
  19. Looking Away
  20. This Is The Year
  21. Breaking My Hands
  22. All The Ghosts

Studio Jam sessions of The X-Factor, circa 1985.