was created in the early '90s to lend visabilty to a few artists that had no web presence at that time.  These included the Firesign Theatre and M.K. Brown.  

For years was the go-to site for information on these artists.  

Firesign Theatre: A few years later, the Firesign Theatre opened their own web site but their presence here remains as I feel the information here is still complimentary to the group and not found on is home to The Firesign Lexicon and Firesign Record Reviews.

M.K. Brown: became the 'official' site for M.K. Brown for many years and is still linked all over the web for her content and info.  This, however, was recently turned over to a new webmaster who has setup  I'm am now directing you to go there for her content.

Dr. Benway is the name of a recurring character in many of William S. Burroughs' novels, including Naked Lunch and Nova Express. He is referred to only as "Dr. Benway" or "Doc Benway" (his first name is never revealed). He lacks a conscience and is more interested in his surgical performance than his patients' well-being.